About Us


'Hegatech' as the name signifies is ‘Hub of Electronic Gadgets And Technologies ‘.

Hegatech is one of the leading Electronic brands in India & offers innovative electronic gadgets for advanced technologies.

The company creates technology with a purpose to facilitate living.

Our commitment is to deliver unconventional and locally relevant electronic products and our approach is simple, IT’S PEOPLE CENTRIC Hegatech intends to revolutionize the market and appeal the youth with its exclusive, stylish & trendy electronic products.

The company stands for engineering excellence, innovation, quality & reliability.

The brand product portfolio embraces more than 50 models of various categories ranging from

  • Bluetooth / Wireless Speakers
  • TWS Earbuds    
  • Data Cables
  • Smart Watches
  • Trendy Mobile covers
  • USB Flash Drives & OTG
  • Power Bank with wireless charger
  • Universal Wireless (WI-FI) Mobile Chargers
  • Smart Bands
  • Car Mobile Holder

Our Values

Hegatech has a clear mission and believes in an Inconsistent strategy and continuous improvement. It follows a culture of “No compromise in the quality of Deliverables.”

We intend to be world leaders by providing innovative & cutting edge technology

Putting the customer first when taking decisions. We don't invest in things that don't matter to customers.

Entrepreneurship (article Link)  –
Identifying opportunities, being nimble, passionate and taking risks -

Learning, and embracing change in all dimensions of business

Managing by facts, cross-functional working, end-to-end ownership, and speed / timely action

Being respectful, collaborative and embracing diversity.